Low noise High Current dual power supply LT1083CP kit !

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This is a kit of a power supply making use of Linear Technology's LT1083CP adjustable power regulator IC. LT1083 family has been famous as a low noise low impedance design being used in audio circuitry like DAC circuitry , filament powering, to name a few.

The kit contains two individual power supply circuits, so that the board can be configured as either a single voltage power supply or dual rail supply for various applications. The adjustable voltage range is from +5V to +30V( single rail) and +/-5V to +/-30V( dual rail).

The kit uses LT1083CP of TO-3P package for easy mounting and optimal heat dissipation. The heatsink is of the medium size that can allow good heat dissipation for usage up to 3A. For higher current application we recommend mounting the LT1083CPs on larger heatsinks. The traces are gold-plated for maximum reliability.

This kit contains the PCB and every components EXCEPT the input filtering capacitors. The board has space reserved for two capacitors of lead pitch 10mm and diameter 25mm.

Operating voltage : 5VAC to 25VAC

PCB dimension : 131mm x 57mm.

Board thickness : 2mm .

Board color : Red.

PCB finishing : 75um copper thickness with tin plating surface. Both side has solder mask coated for maximum durability.

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