RM RAU series high ripple current E-capacitor 15,000u 50V snap-in 2pc !!

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This is an auction for two pieces of snap-in type RM RAU series Electrolytic Capacitors specialized for high power audio application. RAU series has very high ripple current rating. Ripple Current is an important specification of electrolytic capacitor. Higher the ripple current, better the capacitor to suppress ripple. On specification, RAU ripple current almost doubles that of Nichicon LKS series audio capacitors

We did a test of ripple performance of RM against Japan audio e-caps.

For the detail testing please read here : 



These RM capacitors are best match with various type of power supply boards in our shop. 



Dimension : 34mm, lead pitch 10mm, Length 60mm


Air shipping worldwide is US$6.00. We welcome combined shipping.