128 steps unbalanced stereo volume control kit w/ highly reliable relays !!

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This is our popular audiophile quality 128 steps volume control board. It is now released as a half-completed kit.

The kit features :

1. high quality PCB with SMD components already soldered on the board ;

2. Dale non-magnetic resistors as the only resistors on the audio path ;

3. Can be retro-fitted with IR remote motorized potentiometer to become a remote stepped volume control board.


Input Impedance : Between 200K to 3K

Output Impedance : 3K to 200K
(Note : This is a R2R type attenuator. Therefore the input and output impedance varies with position)
Board Dimension : 80mm x 50mm.


Supply voltage : AC 12V to 15V or DC +15V to +18V
Each board come with a 50K potentiometer to control a DC level for specific relay setting. Audio signal does not pass through the 50K potentiometer. It is for control purpose only.
This is a kit that requires soldering. The SMD parts are already presoldered on the board.
The assembled board in the picture is for reference.
We provide schematic and part list to buyers.




We do air shipping worldwide at US$5.50.