15Wx2 class A 25Wx2 class AB Ovation sx-Amplifier 2.0 Current Feedback PCB set !

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Note on 19 Jan 2018 : We are now delivering sx amplifier board 2.0 version.

This is a PCB set of Ovation sx-Amplifier. The circuit and PCB layout are designed by popular audio designer Andrew C Russell of hifisonix.com.

According to the designer's description, "The Ovation sx-Amplifier is a low component count current feedback topology(CFA) design that delivers the first 15W class A into an 8 ohm load and then a further 10W to a total of about 25W in class AB mode.

In terms of peak power, the sx-Amp will deliver around 28W peak in class A.

The design uses readily available components, achieves very wide bandwidth, along with fast rise and fall times.

Distortion is low compared to competing designs ( e.g. JLH's 10 Watter from 1969, or Jean Hiraga's 20W class A), thanks to the availability of modern bipolar devices, and the use of LTSpice to optimize the design."

The full documentation can be found in Andrew's hifisonix website.

These are the exact boards as in the gerber files Andrew released on his website.

We are authorized by the designer to manufacture and sell his boards.

Each set consists of two amplifier PCBs and one PSU PCB. Each amplifier PCB serves one audio channel, and each PSU board serves two audio channels so in total there are three boards in this listing for stereo or two channel application.


PCB thickness : 1.6mm

Copper thickness : 75um( 4 times standard thickness)

Surface finishing : Gold-plated with solder resist coated on both side for best reliability.

The construction details, schematic and part list can be downloaded from hifisonix website.