2SK58 low noise N-channel dual FET SONY new old stock 1 piece !!

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On auction is one piece of SONY low noise 2SK58 dual FET, designed to be used for differential input of audio amplifier. Two FETs were put into one package for best matching and thermal performance. These were manufactured during the golden age of Japan semiconductor. In original SONY datasheet, these low noise FETs are recommended to be used in "head amplifiers of audio power amplifiers" They were commonly used in a lot of commercial machines( and very popular in SONY amplifiers, of course) .

The two FETs experienced superb matching performance and linearity, as can be seen in the characteristic curves below. The blue and black traces represent the two FETs ( of one piece of 2SK58) characteristics respectively. These are our own measurements on curve tracer of our stock items.

The auction is for one piece.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$4.00.