M22( legendary Pioneer amplifier) 30W Class A amplifier PCB 1 piece

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This is one piece of amplifier PCB , with the circuit based on the Pioneer legendary M22 class A amplifier.

Background : M22 belongs to Pioneers series 20 amplifiers. It was a showpiece of Pioneer to illustrate the design and manufacturing quality. Built as a tank, M22 was widely acclaimed as one of the best class A power amplifier in solid state domain, regardless of cost.

Being a class A amplifier, M22 was magical in the lucid midrange that excelled a lot of class A counterparts.

In this incarnation, we used the readily available transistors in the market though strictly following the original design, ensuring each stage is biased to the same condition.

Specification :

Output power : 30Wrms 8 ohm non-clipping@ +/-28Vdc input

Frequency response : 5Hz to 120KHz +/-1dB

Supply voltage : +/-36Vdc 50mA input stage , +/-28Vdc 4A output stage

Board dimension : 201mm x 89mm x 1.6mm( board thickness)

This listing is for one piece of the amplifier board. For stereo application two pieces are needed.

We provide schematic/part list and adjustment guide to buyers.

The finished board picture is for reference. This listing is for one piece of bare amplifier board.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$5.80.