FW F1 5W SE MOSFET balanced o/p class A amplifier PCB stereo one set 3 pieces

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This is a kit of bare PCBs of a low power high-end power amplifier working in current-drive mode, with reference to F1 amplifier. The circuit was designed particularly for high efficiency full range speakers that contains no crossover, or speakers that has very simple crossover( such as just a add-on tweeter) for best performance.

Distinguished scholar Hawksford Malcolm has issued a research paper in 1989 pointing out that current-drive amplifier helps to reduce distortion in conventional ( that is, moving coil) speakers such as voice coil heating, non-linear electromagnetic damping and high-frequency distortion due to coil inductive effect.

This amplifier is such an attempt to improve the amplifier-speaker matching performance. This is a unbalanced/balanced input, balanced output amplifier, which contains just one gain stage( MOSFET) in balanced mode, working in class A and loaded by two constant current sources also in balanced manner. By so doing, the amplifier can be powered simply by single rail voltage and contains NO coupling capacitors at the output stage.

In actual performance when mating with single driver, we found this current-drive amplifier to be able to substantially improve the bass response, both in quality and quantity. HF is also presented in a relax manner.

Performance specification :

Output Power 8 ohm : 4.5Wrms @1% THD 1KHz

Output Power 4 ohm : 2.5Wrms @1% THD 1KHz

Output Power 16 ohm : 5.5Wrms @1%THD 1KHz

This kit of PCBs contains the left, right channel and the PSU PCB.

Recommended supply voltage : 18Vx 2 AC , 200VA ( for both channels)

We provide schematic and part list by email ( attached to the shipment notice on the item posting day).

PCB thickness : 2mm, 2 oz ( 75um thickness !!) copper deposition.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$10.00.