AN Kit-One 300B tube board kit one set 3 pieces

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Power Amplifier
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This is a set of PCBs of a stereo tube power amplifier with reference to the legendary classic Audio Note Kit-One. There are three boards in this listing including :

1. Driver board ;

2. Power supply board ;

3. Filament board.

The two 300Bs are to be mounted on chassis directly and NOT PCB mounted.


The board is built with premium quality, including thick copper, gold plated conducting surface and two-sided solder resist for maximum reliability !



PCB dimension :

Driver board : 108mm x 172mm

Power Supply board : 110mm x 100mm

Filament board : 52mm x 73mm


We provide schematic and part list to buyers by EMAIL. We also recommend buyers to get the Kit-One manual in pdf format in the internet - Kit1_New_lowRes.pdf during the construction. This manual contains a low resolution schematic but it is good enough to understand the whole amplifier wiring.