Duelund dual DCA20GA interconnect cable stereo 1m Switchcraft 3502 Kester44 w/ burn-in !

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The listing is a pair of interconnecting cable for stereo application, features highly praised Duelund dual DCA20GA tin-plated copper wire in oil impregnated cotton jacket, soldered by Kester 44 series solder to Switchcraft 3502AAU RCA connectors.

Dual DCA20GA has an extra oil cotton jacket wrapped over two single DCA20GA. This gives further damping and resistance to oxidation. When used as interconnect, the extra jacket gives further protection and a professional look over twisted DCA20GA.

Switchcraft 3502AAU is one of the best RCA plugs to be used with Duelund wires. General comments being that it is better than Neutrik RCA plugs.

Kester 44 solder is the proven solder for good sound.

After assembled, the interconnect wires would go through 24 hours burn-in ( or called conditioning) by FryBaby2 cable burner by voltage mode before pack for shipping. Burn-in of 24 hours by FryBaby2 is as good as hundred hours of burn-in by normal music signal as reported by several user comments of FryBaby series. This burn-in enhances tonality of the cable.


The FryBaby2 cable burner in the pictures is for reference. IT IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE LISTING.


In our listening test, the assembled interconnect gives a natural presentation of music, as other Duelund wires do, and due to a small diameter ( as compared to DCA16GA), it gives more sparkling in the highs and a deeper soundstage for better spatial perception. It can easily better any branded interconnects over US$250.00 .

We can also tailor different length. Each additional 0.5 meter adds extra cost of US$32.00 and additional shipping cost of US$2.00 per 0.5 meter. Please message us if you want a different length than 1 meter.




We do air shipping worldwide at US$8.00. We welcome combine shipping.