F5 25W pure class A amplifier Kit Dale resistors one channel !

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This is the full kit of a pure class A MOSFET  amplifier, based on F5 class A amplifier.


The kit features:

1. Dale non-magnetic resistors ;

2. Panasonic and Dale power resistors ;

3. Idss matched input JFETs  2SK366BL(or GR) and 2SJ107BL(or GR)  ;

4. Vishay mosfet  IRFP9240 and IRFP240

4. Thick copper PCB --   2 oz copper !

5. All the drill holes are plated through holes ( that is , the board is manufactured at the cost of a double-sided board, not single sided board !) to ensure the copper pads would not pill off even reworking.


This is a single channel amplifier kit. It requires two kits to form a stereo amplifier.

PCB dimension : 15.5cm x 5.0cm

We provide schematic and part list by EMAIL to buyers.

The component values are also marked on the board for easy intuitive assembling.