Fountek FR89EX full range speaker pair 8 ohm !!

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On listing is a pair of Fountek FR89EX full range drivers. With the success of FR88EX, Fountek has not stopped there. FR89EX is the quantum step after months of research and development. The result is another step toward the ultimate full range driver of 3 inches size.

Comparing to FR88EX, the magnet size is DOUBLED. The Xmax has also enhanced to an unbelievable range of +/-5mm(FR88EX has +/-3mm only). The power handling rating is enhanced to 25W too, which means it can play at much higher SPL than FR88EX, which has 15W only. The cone is specially coated with a damping material, which effectively controlled the cone breakup resonance, thus giving a much better midrange clarity than FR88EX .

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