High end LM317/LM337 regulator PCB for low noise preamp/headphone amp 1piece !

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Headphone Amplifier
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This is a bare board of a high-end board design for LM317/LM337 regulator. The board is designed for low noise high current preamplifier /headphone amplifier.

The board features high value capacitors at the input( can house capacitors up to 10,000uF per rail) and output( 3,300uF)to obtain exceptionally low ripple performance. The board also has large ground area to give a low impedance power rail comparing to normal smaller size circuit boards.

Board thickness : 2mm.
Copper thickness : 70um - 4 times of normal board copper thickness !

The circuit itself is a quite standard LM317/LM337 circuit that can be found in the datasheet. Therefore we do not provide schematic or part list. The board has marking of component values though to facilitate users to stuff the board with appropriate components.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$6.00.