JLH 1969 class A amplifier stereo high quality PCB components assembled !

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This is an assembled, adjusted and tested amplifier boards of the classic JLH( John-Linsey Hood) 1969 class A amplifier. While JLH 1969 is a simple design, it is still one of the best transistor amplifiers.

This incarnation features :

1. Double-sided , thick copper PCB. Most of the JLH 1969 boards in the market are single-sided. This one is doubled-sided so the copper pad durability is greatly enhanced by plated-through hole ( PTH) process.

2. Hermetically sealed metal casing transistors used on both small signal and power stage.

3. High quality electrolytic capacitors.

4. High quality solder with silver content is used in soldering.

5. Evox film capacitors for audio coupling.

6. The two boards are mirror arranged. User-friendly to install on left and right side of the housing.

7. Thick & heavy aluminum plates already mounted on the board( as in the pictures) for easy to interface with heatsink.


Performance : very musical midrange, extended high frequency, excellent bass and massive sound.

Supply voltage : 12VDC to 33VDC 3A per channel.

PCB dimension : 100mm x 73mm, 1.6mm thickness, gold plated surface.

For best performance, we suggest to use our high quality single rail power board or partial kit, item 220820887579 or item 221423317112 .


The boards are assembled and tested. Each board was adjusted for optimal biasing. This differentiate them from other incarnations that need no adjustment. User only need to connect to appropriate power transformer and audio connectors. We do not provide schematic for this listing due to the special knowledge used in biasing adjustment. User need NO adjustment.

This is a listing for two assembled & tested amplifier boards.





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