JLX Pure aluminum foil Luxury MKP film 10uF 100Vdc capacitor 1 piece !

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This is one pieces of jb JLX series pure aluminum foil Metalized Polypropylene audio grade MKP capacitors. 

JLX is jb's newest series, and the highest class MKP capacitors the company manufactures.

JLX uses aluminum foil instead of conventional deposited metal film in the capacitor structure. JLX capacitors are a lot heavier than the lower rank series. For example JLX 10uF is three times heavier than JFX 10uF

They features super low dissipation loss.


- Quick transient design ;

- High precision : +/-3% ;

- Very low dissipation absorption factor ( less than 0.0002@1KHz !!!) for superb transparency and neutrality ;

- Very low ESR ;

- Very low inductance ;

- Excellent handling of high current audio pulses .

They are extremely good for interstage coupling and in crossover network of speakers.

Dimension : 30mm(d) x 85mm(l)

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