Linkwitz-Riley 2-way electronic crossover at 2.2KHz stereo (changeable by user )

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Number of Channels:
Does Not Apply
Audio Inputs:
Stereo L/R RCA
Audio Outputs:
Hi and Lo audio output

This is an assembled 2-way electronic crossover board. Filtering function is Linkwitz-Riley type with -24dB/Oct.

Linkwiz-Riley filtering is regarded as the best type of filtering for audio crossover due to the excellent phase response, zero phase difference at crossover junction and absolutely flat amplitude response.

This crossover board includes preamplifier with gain=4 and shunt regulator for best performance.

Crossover frequency : 2.25KHz+/-

PCB Dimension : 173mm x 69mm.

Supply voltage : 14Vx2 ac to 19Vx2 ac.

We provide schematic and a component diagram to users to change component values to frequency they prefer to buyers by email.

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