LM317/337 dual rail regulator assembled board w/CLC RFI filtering !

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On list is a dual rail regulator assembled board to be used with low current application ( below 300mA) using LM317, LM337. This board features individual rectification of each rail and CLC filtering at the output to suppress RFI that has drawn into the power rail. 

The board uses high quality components such as :

1. 6800uF Rubycon filtering caps ;

2. Dale resistors ;

3. Nichicon and Elna decoupling/filtering caps.


The broad includes protection diodes to protect the regulator chips from high output voltage reversal.

The board output voltage can be adjusted from +/1.25VDC up to the +/-30VDC( limited by the input voltage). While LM317/LM337 is specified to 1A, this board is recommended for current below 300mA due to the compact heatsink size. The board is preset at +/-15V. Users can adjust to the voltage they need by the on-board trimmers.

Regulator dropout voltage is 3VDC. So for example for +/-15VDC, a minimum AC input is 13VAC per rail. 

PCB Dimension : 120mm x 50mm, Component height(highest) : 65mm(standoff inclusive)