LT1963A low noise PSU boards +5V module one piece !

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This is one piece of low noise linear power module with output voltage of +5V.

The module features low noise LDO LT1963A.

LT1963A is one of the few low noise and high current LDOs that is proven to have excellent performance for audio application.

The board voltage is fixed at +5V ( tolerance +/-0.25V). Users can change the voltage by changing the divider resistor values.

For continuous current of over 200mA, it is recommended to use heatsink mounting at the back of the board.

Supply voltage : AC 6V to AC 8V

The PCB has a board thickness of 1.6mm and copper thickness of 70um. This is four times normal board copper thickness !

PCB dimension : 80mm x 27mm



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