Mofo choke loaded SE power amp tube driver/power amp board by Andrea Ciuffoli !

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Note on 21 Nov 2021 : The driver board is now the 2021 version. For the details please check the article Inpol/Mofo Amplifier 2021 by Mr. Andrea.


This is the bare PCBs of two channels of class A MOSFET SE power amplifier, originally published as a project called Mofo by Mr. Mike Rothacher. This set of boards are designed by audio expert Mr. Andrea Ciuffoli based on the Mofo circuit. The choke used is Hammond 195T5. 


For the project details, please refer to Andrea Ciuffoli's official website. 

Each listing consists of :

1.two amplifier boards ;

2.two high speed rectifier boards ; driver board using 6072A tubes.



Board dimension : 


Power amplifier board :160mm x 50mm x 1.6mm


Driver board : 164mm x 160mm x 1.6mm 


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