Mosfet pure class A amplifier Kit thick PCB !!

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Note on 19 Apr 2018 : Due to end of life of Fairchild power mosfet for a long while and we cannot guarantee to obtain genuine Fairchild mosfets, we will supply IR/Vishay's IRFP240/IRFP9240 from now on.

Note on 13 Sept 2012 : Telfon PCB is a much superior material to fibre glass( FR4) in terms of loss and electrical isolation, and can restore the musical weak signal which is lost when signal is propagating in FR4 boards. We are proud to announce that we can now deliver the kit with Telfon PCB instead of fibre glass PCB as a kit option. The extra price for Telfon PCB is US$9.00 per kit. Buyers who want Telfon option please add US$9.00/per kit during the payment. Telfon PCB is green in color instead of red and the thickness is 1.6mm instead of 2.0mm.

This is the full kit of a pure class A MOSFET amplifier, with reference to F5 class A amplifier.

The design takes minimalist approach to attain low distortion and exceptional musical performance.

The kit features 1% metal film resistor, Japan-made power resistors( the pictures showed normal metal film power resistors - we are offering better quality resistors !)Nichicon FW electrolytic capacitors( at the power rail for improving power supply impedance) and matched input JFETs ( 2SK366BL and 2SJ107BL --we only provide genuine Toshiba parts !!).

The PCB is the latest incarnation, with thick board( 2mm) and thick copper ( 2 oz copper -- 75um !!)

This is a single channel amplifier kit. It requires two kits to form a stereo amplifier.

PCB dimension : 10.5cm x 6.2cm

We provide schematic and part list by EMAIL to buyers.

The component values are also marked on the board for easy intuitive assembling.

We also have bare PCB for sale. Please check our other auctions.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$5.50.