Mosfet pure class A amplifier thick PCB turbo V2 stereo !!

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This is the bare PCBs of a stereo class A MOSFET power amplifier( a set of 2 pieces) , with reference to F5 turbo v2. For those who prefer original F5 please check our item 320604151460 which is a kit, item 220585975213 or 320734638102 for the bare PCBs)

While the original F5 uses one pair of output MOSFET only, F5 turbo v2 uses two pairs of power MOSFET per channel. Furthermore, the addition of high speed diodes along the source resistors give the output stage incredible driving capability of 38A in 0.1 ohm ! The amplifier can drive any speaker load in reality and for normal speakers, this capability means it has lots of headroom before to stress the amplifier.

This is a listing for 2 pieces of amplifier PCB. Each piece is used to build one amplifier channel so two pieces can be used for stereo application.

PCB thickness : 2mm. Copper thickness : 75um( 4 times normal thickness !!!)

Dimension : 303mm x 36mm

We provide schematic and part list to buyers by EMAIL.

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