Neotech BRDCC AWG 24 Flat Braided LITZ Copper Wire

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The listing is for Neotech BRDCC AWG24 UP-OCC copper wire.

Neotech UP-OCC flat braid LITZ copper wire in 70% cotton / 30 % polyester covering. 

Rectangular in shape, it is built on a central polyester film on which the braid fits on. 

Each strand of the braid is 0.05mm in diameter. Then covered in the weaved insulation. 

Each strand of wire is polyurethane coated and it can be removed easily by soldering iron heat.

Sonic-wise, the wire have exceptional resolution ( due to the litz structure) and midrange clarity( due to UP-OCC).


The price is for per meter. For longer length just enter the quantity you need. Continuous length will be tailor-cut per the order.


For multiple length ( that is, more than 1 meter )the shipping calculator will do the automatic calculation of the shipping cost.