SE MOSFET full balanced +128 step volume control PCB !

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This is the bare PCB of a super high-end pre-amplifier. The pre-amplifier takes minimalist approach, features a single stage MOSFET class A amplification for best sonic performance. The pre-amplifier can be configured as either unbalanced in/out and balanced in/out. It is integrated with a 128-steps potentiometer comprising resistive networks to achieve lowest noise and distortion.

The board is also DUAL-mono in nature. The grounds of both channels are inherently separated for BEST channel separation.

On-board power supply regulation and rectification is included.

Supply voltage :

- Amplifier section - AC55Vx1 , 1A per channel.

- Volume control section - AC 15Vx2 , 200mA.

This is a PCB for a stereo pre-amplifier.We provide schematic and part list by email ( attached to the shipment notice on the item posting day).


This is a huge PCB of premium quality.


PCB dimension : 300mm x 199mm.


PCB thickness : 2mm, 2 oz ( 75um thickness !!) copper deposition.