Servo regulated OPA2604 low distortion low noise opamp stereo preamplifier kit!

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Note on 12 Aug 2017 : The OPA2604 is provided as the SMD version. Users need to solder the SMD IC onto the SOIC-to-DIP adapter board before to plug onto the IC socket provided for the preamplifier board.

This is a kit of stereo preamplifier featuring low impedance regulator circuit. The regulator circuit is based on Technics ( HiFi section of Matsushita) design. Based on the research effort of Technics, a servo mechanism is introduced into the power supply circuit that can greatly enhanced the performance of standard 3-pin regulator chips, in particular the output impedance on the high frequency side. The result is a substantial improvement in noise in distortion. Accordingly, the performance is as good as Lead-Acid battery on a side by side comparison.

The opamp come with the kit is the famous audio opamp OPA2604 which is renowned for low noise, low distortion and very natural performance for vocal.

We provide schematic and construction manual to buyers by EMAIL.

PCB Dimension : 106mm x 54mm.

Supply voltage : 12Vx2 to 15Vx2 ac.

The assembled board in the last picture is for reference only. This is an un-assembled kit. The components are based on the un-assembled boards in the other pictures.

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