Single board stereo PP Tube 2A3 power amplifier PCB premium PCB !

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Power Amplifier
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This is the bare PCB of a stereo tube push-pull( PP) power amplifier making use of the all-the-time best sound tube 2A3.The board has put heavy attention on the signal routing to optimize the performance.

The amplifier features the input gain responsible by 6SJ7 tube, 6N8P( or 6SN7) for phase splitting and finally two 2A3 on each channel in push-pull configuration.

This is a PCB for stereo amplifier.

The board is built with premium quality, including thick copper, gold plated conducting surface and two-sided solder resist for maximum reliability. The PCB is as thick as 2.4mm !

Specification :

Input sensitivity : 1Vrms

Close-loop gain : 22dB

Input Impedance : 100K

Power transformer requirement :

- 280VAC x 2 to 320VAC x 2 100mA

- 6.3VAC x 2 1.5A

- 2.5VAC x 2 5A

- 5VAC x 1 3.5A




PCB dimension : 330mm x 220mm


PCB thickness : 2.4mm, 2 oz ( 75um thickness !!) copper deposition.

We provide schematic to buyers by EMAIL.