Solid State Amplifier 2022 one set( dual psu) of PCB stereo by Andrea Ciuffoli !

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This is the bare PCBs of two channels of Solid State Amplifier 2022 by the designer, audio expert Mr. Andrea Ciuffoli.  It is based on Amplifier End 2022 and also a circlotron with solid state components all the way from input to output.


According to the words of Mr. Andrea :

"Now my Amplifier End has a real rival and in fact this amplifier with complex signals it is better and even if it is slightly less soft it is more neutral, recommended with analog sources or hi-resolution DSC DSD. "



Pout = 50W on 8ohm with 2 x 33VDC and Vin=0.42Vrms Thd=0.6%

Pout = 90W on 4ohm with 2 x 33VDC and Vin=0.42Vrms Thd=1.3%
Pout = 18W on 8ohm no-switching with 1A bias (see simulation)
Pd = output stage at 35VDC = 70W each channel with 1A bias

Zout = 178mohm with the Exicon (see simulation)
Ft(-3dB) = DC - 2MHz at -3dB
Global feedback = 6dB
Output DC offset about 50-90mVDC (because there is no active DC serve)


This board set includes : 


1. amplifier boards two pieces ; 


2. Shunt regulator board two pieces ;


3. rectifier diode boards four pieces.


The boards are tin-plated with 75um thick copper ( 4 times standard thickness)