SONY V-FET ( SIT) 2SK79 one pair matched Idss !

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This is a pair of ultra rare  SONY's V-FET 2SK79 , matched Idss.

2SK79 is an unique small signal V-FET ( or SIT) manufactured by SONY in the mid 70's of last century. V-FET is renowned for their triode-like characteristics. By chance we obtained a limited stock and matched the devices to offer a limited quantity 


There is a wide spread of parameters in 2SK79 manufacturing, and we are only able to match a pair from each 20-30 individual pieces.


Application : there are many proven circuits designed around this special transistor. One of which is the 2SK79 SRPP preamp we are selling. Besides, a single 2SK79 can form a preamp like a triode single stage amplifier ( supply voltage +65Vdc) as shown in below which is found in Japanese website.