Stereo amplifer PCB Hiraga super 30W class A !!!

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Stereo amplifer PCB Hiraga super 30W class A !!!

This is a set of two pieces of PCB of a stereo class A amplifier with ultra-fi sonic quality. The design is with reference to the legendary design by Jean Hiraga published in L'Audiophile. This amplifier is the "Hiraga super 30W class A". With good heat dissipation, this amplifier can deliver 30W(+/-24V DC) of pure class A amplification.


We provide schematics and part list for the buyers by EMAIL. We also provide heavy duty power supply boards that diyers can put in their favorite filtering electrolytic capacitors. Please check our other auctions.




PCB thickness : 1.6mm.

PCB dimension : 86mm x 105mm

Copper Thickness : 75um ( four times normal thickness !!) tin-plated.

Finishing : Double-sided tracks, double-sided solder resist coating for best reliability.