Super Heavy duty CRC/CLC power supply partial kit !

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On list is a partial kit of a SUPER heavy duty DC power supply, design for pure class A MOSFET amplifier or other high power amplifiers.

The design can be configured as normal capacitive filtering, or CRC, or CLC filtering, depending on the components at two jumper positions. The PCB is designed around two very good sound IRF bridge rectifier 250JB6L . Each IRF rectifier(600V 25A) can handle 25A of current.

The capacitor footprint on board can cater for 10mm, 22mm pitch and even three- and four-lead electrolytic capacitors.

This board can be used for one channel or two channels. For exotic requirement, one power supply board should be used for one stereophonic channel.

The kit includes :

- twp pieces of IRF 250JB6L ( 600V 25A) bridge rectifiers ;

- two pieces of highly reliable Epcos ( Siemens) MKP 1uF for decoupling ;

- two 3mm LED for power indication ;

- high quality thick PCB ( 2mm thick, 75um copper thickness) ;

PCB dimension : 178mm x 101mm.

PCB thickness : 2mm.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$5.30.