Symmetric Complementary J-FET preamplifier JC-2 kit !

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This is our latest incarnation of the legendary preamplifier JC-2.

We once launched the kit in early 2009 and received exceptional reviews. In this version :

1. The whole amplifier circuit is now essentially the same as JC-2, with the output stage now using medium power NPN and PNP( was a BJT-JFET cascode stage that was not working very satisfactory in terms of dricing capability). We intentionally increased the quiescent current to let them work at class A. This enhances the current driving power and gives the whole preamplifier a warmer sound presentation ;

2. As in the prior implementation, low impedance high speed shunt regulator is used.

3. Components : Dale or low tempco metal film resistors are used in the circuit.

The board has reserved space for volume potentiometer. Either Alps 27 or smaller 16 type can be directly soldered on board for shortest audio path. The volume potentiometers are not included in the kit though.

PCB dimension : 113mm x 93mm

PCB thickness : 1.6mm

Operating voltage : AC input 16Vx2 to 20Vx2.

We provide the schematic, part list and adjustment instruction to buyers via EMAIL.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$5.00.