Symmetric J-FET input MOSFET ClassA amplifier PCB 2pc !

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This is a set of PCB - 2pieces - of an audiophile grade class A power amplifier. The circuit is identical to our another two products "Mosfet pure class A amplifier thick copper PCB" and " Mosfet pure class A stereo amplifier compact PCB" .

Speaking of the architecture the amplifier features symmetric topology from input to output by means of complementary devices. The input is responsible by a pair of N and P J-FETs for high input impedance, low noise, low distortion and DC coupling. Incorporating a class A output stage, the amplifier gives a clean and warm sound that can stand among the best solid state amplifiers. With large enough heatsink the amplifier can offer 25W of output power operating at class A !

In this incarnation, we continue to use thick PCB ( 2mm thickness !) , thick copper ( 75um - normal copper thickness), gold plating, double side solder resist coating and plate-through hole at solder pads for extra durability.

The board is designed such that the output power MOSFETs are located to the same edges for easy mounting onto heatsinks. The MOSFETs are widely separated by 150mm apart ( center to center) for best heat dissipation. While the copper traces are all on one side, this is effectively a double-sided PCB since all the holes of solder pads are intentionally fabricated as copper plated-through ( PTH) so that the coppers can adhere to the substrate as firm as double-sided PCB.

Supply voltage is from +/-20V to +/-25V DC, 6A per channel.

Board Dimension : 185mm x 50mm.

Board Thickness : 2mm.

Copper thickness :70um thick copper ( 4 times normal thickness),

Copper surface finishing : gold plated, covered with double-sided solder-resist.

This is a listing for two pieces of PCBs.

We provide schematic, adjustment procedure and part list in soft copy by email with the shipment notice.

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