Tube pre-amplifier stereo SP-10 premium grade PCB !

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This is the bare PCB of a tube pre-amplifier with reference to the legendary classic SP-10. The board has put heavy attention on the signal routing and the dc regulation of individual small signal tubes to optimize the performance.

This is a PCB for stereo amplifier.We provide schematic by email to buyers.


We also have a tube regulator board on list that is best match for this project. For the picture of this board and the regulator please scroll down to the last picture. This listing is for the amplifier board only. The regulator board is on another listing. Please check our other items.


PCB dimension : 177mm x 210mm.


PCB thickness : 2.3mm, 2 oz ( 75um thickness !!) copper deposition.
Surface finishing : Gold-plated with solder resist coated on both side for best reliability.