Tube SRPP RIAA and line preamplifier stereo PCB !

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This is a bare PCB of an audiophile grade stereo preamplifier. Each channel makes use of three triode tubes to form the RIAA section and a single stage line amplifier. Each gain stage is working in SRPP for best linearity and bandwidth. The RIAA equalization is CR type for its musicality performance. The RIAA section can allow either MC or MM input.


Supply voltage : HT : 280V DC 80mA ; filament voltage - 6.3V 2A or 12V DC 1A


Board Dimension : 157mm x 143mm.
Board Thickness : 1.6mm
Copper thickness : 75um ( 4 times normal thickness) ; tin-plated surface.
We provide schematic to buyers by EMAIL.