Ultra Low noise( 0.8uVrms 10Hz - 100KHz) +5VDC power supply board assembled !

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This is an assembled board of ultra low noise power supply making use of Linear Technology's LT3042 regulator IC. This IC has a superb specification of low noise and noise rejection performance : 0.8uVrms from 10Hz to 100KHz and PSRR of 79dB@1MHz !

The design is based on a reference circuit in the original data sheet as below schematic being shown.
Based on this circuit, the maximum current can be up to 1.5A with the input voltage not more than +7VDC. Higher voltage input is allowable but more power will be dissipated on the chip that the maximum current would be lesser.

This is a low voltage board dedicated for hi-end digital audio application.

Output voltage : +5VDC.

The board is assembled with high quality components, such as BC and Panasonic electrolytic capacitors for filtering, and high speed low noise rectifier diodes.

Operating voltage : 6VAC to 15VAC

Dimension : 69mm(l) x 47mm(w) x 28mm(h)

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