Zero reverse recovery charge super low loss SiC diode module1 pc !

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Note on 13 July 2019: This is the new version board that can allow a heatsink to be mounted on the back( with heat insulation pad ) for continuous high current application.



This listing is for ONE pieces of bridge rectifier module, forming by using four pieces of Cree( Now Wolfspeed) C3D06060G Silicon Carbide(SiC) Schottky diodes.

SiC Schottky diodes is a new generation of semiconductor and it has proven that using on audio the power has lower noise and more powerful. SiC has a added advantage as high temperature semiconductor. It can work up to 150 degree Celsius with ease while normal silicon would suffer performance degradation at over 80 degree Celsiusand eventually damaged for over 130 degree Celsius.

These diodes has voltage rating of 600V, 19A at 25 degree Celsius and total capacitive charge of 15nC ! Essentially there is zero reverse recovery charge to cause any unwanted noise to feed into the power rail and thus audio path. Now these diodes are mounted on a modular PCB so that the board can be inserted into standard bridge rectifier ( GBJ2510 zip package)footprint easily. Several of our PSU PCBs can be used with this diode module, such as item 220820887579, 321329767689, 220441812283 and 221153840212.


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