180W LM3886T x6 parallel/BTL power amplifier w/output DC servo ckt huge PCB !

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This is the bare PCB of a high power amplifier, based on TI's application note on the design and construction of BPA-200 amplifier. In this design, six pieces of LM3886T are used, in both parallel and BTL configuration.

For 8 ohm load this amplifier can deliver up to 180Wrms of power and over 250Wrms for 4 ohm loading.

The design uses opamp for DC servo to reduce the output DC to minimal and eliminates the use of trimmer potentiometers for DC adjustment.

Each board contains one channel. For stereo application two boards are needed.

The board contains SMT component. Appropriate soldering skill would be required during assembly.

Board Dimension : 65mm x 218mm

Board Thickness : 2mm

Copper Thickness : 75uM ( 4 times normal thickness)

Surface Finishing : Double sided solder-resist for maximum reliability.



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