2SK170BL/2SJ74BL low noise N/P-channel J-FET matched Idss to 0.1mA 1 pair !!

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Does not apply

Note on 21 Feb 2017 : We did not aware the stock quantity in ebay has dropped to zero and the previous item number was inevitably ended. So we have to relist it again. As a matter of fact, more than 200 pairs were sold in the last two years.



On list is one pair of matched low noise 2SK170BL/2SJ74BL J-FET, best to be used for complementary input of audio amplifier or input stage of power amplifier or other audio applications.

Both 2SK170BL and  2SJ74BL have been long obsoleted for years. This would be the last stock we have for selling so don't miss the opportunity !!

The two FETs are matched to 0.1mA Idss !!


The listing is for one pair.