2SK364BL/2SJ104BL(used) low noise N/P-channel J-FET matched Idss to 2% 1 pair !!

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On list is one pair of matched low noise 2SK364BL/2SJ104BL J-FET, best to be used for complementary input of audio amplifier or input stage of power amplifier or other audio applications.

2SK364BL in the matched pair is unused, while the 2SJ104BL is used. Having said that, they are all tested and matched Idss to 2%.

2SK364BL/2SJ104BL is a popular and best alternative to 2SK170BL/2SJ74BL. Their characteristic curves are close to each other.

The listing is for one pair.

Since one part is a used part, we are able to sell at a much lower cost but still as function as usual so benefit to users.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$4.00.