Balanced in/out 256 steps volume control board passive pre-amplifier stereo !

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This is an assembled board of 256 steps ( this is the newest incarnation ! The old one has 128 steps only)stereo volume control. This is done by a number of resistors and relays to complete the switch combination for minimal noise and distortion. Low noise, low tempco 1% resistors are used in the resistor network. Highly reliable Takamisawa relays are used.

This is a high impedance volume control unit and is preferable to be inserted between the signal source and input of a pre-amplifier or power amplifier.

Input Impedance : Between 1M to 10K, the frequently used volume levels between 20K to 50K

Output Impedance : 4K to 1M, the frequently used volume levels between 4K to 30K

(Note : This is a R2R type attenuator. Therefore the input and output impedance varies with position)

The board includes a sealed power transformer. The power transformer accepts 220V - 240V AC input ONLY.

Board Dimension : 160mm x 134mm.

Supply voltage : AC 220V - 240V.

The board can operate with AC plugged in. No schematic will be provided.

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