unBalanced to balanced stereo pre-amplifier PCB ultra low distortion !

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This is the PCB of a very low distortion preamplifier ( Gain = 2) that can convert an unbalanced signal to a balanced signal.

The circuit make uses of a famous balanced line receiver DRV134. The chip can offer a distortion as low as 0.0005% at 1KHz and 0.001% in the whole audio frequency band( below 18KHz) when driving 600ohm load ! Maximum swing can be 18Vrms at 0.01% distortion ! The gain is fixed at 6dB ( 2 times).

Supply voltage : +/-15v to +/-18V.

The PCB has a board thickness of 1.6mm, and copper thickness of 70um. This is four times normal board copper thickness ! The surface is gold plated and coated with two-sided solder resist for maximum durability.

PCB dimension : 52mm x 52mm

The circuit consists of 2 DRV134 and 4 10uF 35V e-cap and 4 0.1uF 50v film cap for decoupling purpose. As the circuit is too simple we do not provide schematic. But as the rest of the products we provide email technical support !

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