Unbalanced to balanced driver board w/ buffer input low distortion 0.006% PCB !

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This is the PCB of a very low distortion balanced lined driver. It accepts unbalanced input and convert the signal to a balanced output.

Application : This can be used either as a converter board for preamplifier or power amplifier that has balanced input, or it can be used as a balanced line driver for driving long cable to an audio equipment far apart. By means of balanced cable the noise being picked up would be minimal.

Circuit feature : The board uses balanced line driver SSM2142. This IC can drive up to 10Vrms to 600 ohm at a super low distortion of 0.006%. The IC is preceded by a buffer formed by an opamp. This allows a very well controlled input impedance for SSM2142 for best performance.


Supply voltage : +/-9v to +/-15V.



The PCB has a board thickness of 1.6mm, and copper thickness of 70um. This is four times normal board copper thickness ! The surface is gold plated and coated with two-sided solder resist for maximum durability.

PCB dimension : 88mm x 55mm


We provide schematic and part list to buyers by EMAIL( to be attached to the shipment notice).


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