CD player high stability clock buffer module ( no TCXO included) assembled !

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Note on 29 Dec 2014 : Now we are delivering the boards with yellow in color. Function is the same.

This is an assembled board of clock buffer board to be used to replace the crystal in CD transport. The board contains integrated circuit to buffer the high stability oscillator so that the oscillator does not experienced any loading or digital interference from the CD player, while at the same time the clock signal can be fed to the board. The board also include its own low noise low drop-out regulator to give the optimal power for the TCXO.

The board contains NO TCXO. Users has to put in their TCXO to complete the function. It only require to put in the standard package TCXO and solder the four leads to complete the module.

The board is designed to use +5V TCXO. Any TCXO in the range from 10MHz to 25MHz can be put in.

PCB board size : 49mm x 36mm.

Supply voltage : 9V DC 30mA ( depends on the power consumption of the TCXO. This current consumption specification is just a reference)

We do air shipping worldwide at US$4.50.