TCXO 16.9344MHz 0.5ppm super low jitter <6ps CD upgrade !

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On auction is one piece of high precision TCXO ( temperature compensated crystal oscillator). While there are numerous so called high precision clocks, how low is the jitter of those clocks ? Our TCXO has gone through 48 hours burnt in before taking measurement and selection process. All the TCXO we sell has a RMS jitter of less than 5.9ps from 20Hz to 20KHz !


Operating voltage : +5Vdc +/- 5%

Operating current : 20mA (MAX)

Output Waveform : TTL/CMOS

Duty cycle : 40/60%

Frequency stability Vs Temp : +/- 0.5ppm max (-10 ~ +60 C)

Phase noise : -125dBc/1KHz

Package : 20.4 x 12.8 x 7.5mm

Aging : +/- 2ppm/Yr.

The item is unused.

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