Class A output preamplifier stereo NAC 42.5 w/servo regulator assembled !

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This is an assembled, audiophile grade class A output preamplifier. The design is with reference to Naim NAC42.5 gain line gain section.

Features :

1. The output BJT is running in heavily biased class A mode loaded by a current source to give a low output impedance and dynamic performance.

2. Panasonic servo regulated power supply circuit is employed in the power section for low noise low impedance performance. This servo regulator is well-proven to perform as good or better than lead-acid battery !!

3. Alps RK27 potentiometer as level control is integrated on the board for shortest audio path.

4. Highly reliable and low loss Evox & Wima film capacitors are used in the coupling path.

5. A total of over 8,500uF filtering capacitors are used in the power path.

6. Toshiba low noise 2SA970/2SC2240 transistors are used.

7. Low noise high performance OPA2604 opamp is used in the servo regulator.

8. A rocker switch is equipped for source selection( 2 inputs)

The sound is vivid, very dynamic , warm and detail !



Power supply : 22V to 26V AC 300mA input.


Board Dimension : 115mm x 107mm.

For this listing we provide no schematic to buyers. Once connected to transformer and audio connections it would work.




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