Aleph P lass A SE MOSFET pre-amp PCB one channel

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This listing is a piece of bare PCBs of a pure class A MOSFET pre-amplifier based on ALEPH P which is a balanced input/output preamplifier ( can be used as unbalanced in/out preamplifier too).


This is another board incarnation of this well proven pre-amplifier. For those who want a board in stereo and with integrated 128 steps level control, , please check "SE MOSFET full balanced +128 step volume control PCB !" in our shop.


The design features a single stage MOSFET class A for amplification, loaded with constant current source for excellent linearity and dynamic performance.


This is a single channel of audio. For stereo , two boards are needed.


The board is fabricated with 2.0mm thick fibre glass(FR4) , super thick copper and double sided solder resist coating for best reliability and durability.

PCB dimension : 157mm x 114mm.


PCB thickness : 2.0mm.


Copper thickness : 75um -- FOUR times normal process of copper thickness.


Tin plated surface.


We provide schematic and part list to buyers by EMAIL( to be attached with the shipment notice).





We do air shipping worldwide at US$6.00.