Borbely DC All FET Cascode class A amplifier PCB one piece

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This is the PCB of an ALL FET class A amplifier. The design is with reference to Boberly 2 stages cascode circuit EB1198/116 to form an ultra low distortion and high speed amplifying and driving circuit. The final stage is a pair of lateral MOSFET as to get to a 10w class A operation. When appropriately implemented, the amplifier can perform a open loop gain of 66dB and distortion of 0.05% (1kHz, open loop !!) and below 0.002% with mild feedback !

While the default circuit uses power MOSFET on the output stage, the design is universal and not confined to be used only as class A power amplifier. For example, medium power MOSFET can be used instead to form a high current preamplifier or headphone amplifier. With small signal transistors drop in place, the design can also be used as a high speed buffer or line amplifier for active filtering and other amplification purpose.

We provide detailed schematic for this PCB by EMAIL ( the detailed schematic has component values) attaching to the shipment notice.

PCB dimension: 91mm x 60mm. PCB thickness 1.6mm.

This listing is a set of two PCBs.

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