DC-coupled Low noise compact stereo preamplifier highly reliable assembled !

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This is an assembled low noise preamplifier board. The board is designed with ultra high fidelity and compact in mind. The board contains bridge rectifier, regulator ICs ( using LM317/LM337), on-board volume control and NO coupling capacitor on the audio path. The gain stage is responsible by a dual opamp. Low noise and high driving capability NE5532 is used in the board. Users can change to opamps of their preference. We highly recommend to use LM49720NA for its low dc drift and ultra-fi audiophile grade performance.

To minimize transportation damage, the Alps potentiometer will not be soldered onto the board but packed with the board together during shipment.

The board features high quality components :

1.Panasonic FC 1000uF filtering capacitors ;

2.Nichicon 10uF capacitors ;

3. NS LM317/LM337 ;

4. TI NE5532 ;

5. Alps type 16 volume control .

Power input : 12VAC x 2 to 18VAC x 2

Gain : 4.3 ( or 12.6dB)

Board dimension : 45mm x 70mm

We do air shipping worldwide at US$5.50.