Duelund DCA16GA 600V multi-strand promotion price sell at per meter !!

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The listing is for the newly released Duelund DCA16GA 600V multi-stranded tin-plated copper wire. The jacket material is closed to the dielectric being used in Duelund CAST capacitors. This DCA16GA 600V completed Duelund's CAST bulk wire series.


DCA16GA oiled cotton jacket version has been the most popular wire for making of speaker/interconnecting cables. This DCA16GA 600V is best to be used in the internal wiring that requires high voltage running on, either the power rail of tube circuitry or AC lines where 12GA 600V seems too thick, while 20GA 600V seems too thin. It is also very suitable to be used as AC power cord for audio equipment that is less power demanding.


The wire is now at promotion price.

The price is for every meter. 



For multiple length ( that is, more than 1 meter )the shipping calculator will do the automatic calculation of the shipping cost.