EL84 push-pull power amp PCB based on ANK L1 provision on-board tube rectifier !

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This is the bare PCB of a tube push-pull power amplifier board with reference to the well accepted ANK L1. 

The board's component arrangement highly adheres to the original design, but we have the below provisions to make the board a better featured amplifier :

1. The EL84 tubes can be wired as triode mode ( original design has pentode mode only) or ultra-linear mode( if the output transformer has the UL tapping) ;

2. The power supply can be configured as tube rectified ( using 5U4 or GZ34 ) or original silicon diodes rectification.


PCB dimension : 225mm x 170mm


PCB thickness : 1.6mm

Copper thickness : 70um, Gold-plated surface.
Supply voltage : 
HT section :
1. Tube rectification : 330V-0-330V AC 350mA
2. Silicon diodes rectification : 250V-0-250V AC+260VDC( HT section) 10mA , +12VDC 400mA ( filament section)
Filament section :
1. Tube rectification : 5V 3A AC & 6.3V 4A AC
2. Silicon diodes rectification : 6.3V 4A AC
Output transformer requirement : 8K / 10K primary 100mA : 8 ohm ( or other standard impedance) secondary 
We provide schematic of original L1, a brief construction note and part list to buyers by EMAIL.
This is a listing for one piece of bare PCB. The assembled board picture is for reference only.



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