Borbely J-FET input diamond buffer output stereo preamp PCB one piece

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This is the PCB of a stereo preamplifier plus headphone amplifier. The design has full complementary input by J-FETs, following by diamond buffer to boost the current to give a powerful and vivid sound.

The all FET full complementary gain stage is with reference to Borbely EB-604/410, designed by audio guru, "Mr. FET", Erno Borbely. This section is itself an extremely high quality amplifier, and gets the wings to fly when mate with another super shunt regulator board ( item 320619074637).

The diamond buffer is a well proven current boosting stage that this circuit topology has been employed in innumerable audiophile-grade product's output stages.

The all FET gain stage's output and power rail can be separated from the diamond buffer stage easily( they are linked up by resistors) so that users can configure the board as either a pure all FET gain stage or gain stage plus the buffer, or solely the buffer. Similarly the power rail can be separated so that they can be feed with individual power supply for ultimate performance.

We provide schematic and part list of this PCB by EMAIL.

PCB dimension : 15.2cm x 10.6cm.

PCB thickness : 2mm. Super thick copper ( 2oz) is used, which is three times the normal thickness.

Finishing : Double-sided solder mask coating for best durability ( against oxidation and erosion)

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