Hi-speed stereo MOSFET power amplifier w/ speaker protection Mimesis!

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Power Amplifier
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This popular amplifier kit is based on the legendary Goldmund Mimesis power amplifier. 


The kit is designed to use Renesas lateral MOSFET 2SK1058 /2SJ162 which are the best MOSFETs for audio application in terms of linearity.


The board includes speaker protection circuit and on board rectification/filtering circuit for shortest power path.

The kit features the below components :
- ON-Semi's very good sounding MR754 rectifier diodes ;
- Nichicon MUSE for power decoupling and feedback decoupling;
- Nichicon DB series bipolar high-end capacitors for audio coupling.
- KOA non-inductive resistors ;
- Omron G2-R2 high current relay in the speaker protection circuit ;
- Dale/non-magnetic copper lead metal film resistors ;
- all transistors are 2% matched.


The kit contains all the components except the power transistors and the filtering capacitors. The lead pitch of the filtering capacitors is either 10mm or 25mm. 
Sonic-wise the amplifier has a refined high frequency tone and right amount of bass to present the music. The sound is rich of details.


We provide schematic, adjustment instruction and part list to the buyers.


PCB dimension : 107mm x164mm, PCB thickness : 1.6mm.

This is a stereo amplifier kit.


This is an unassembled kit.